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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Friday deal

London Road
dark Friday night
and two
young men
one on his bike
are loitering
on the pavement
the other
next to him

some transaction.

My heart pumping
I approach
wary of the implication.

I reach them
I see
that he
on the left
is pouring
into the hand
of he
on the bike

- go on have a few more.

Taste the rainbow

Home For Lunch

In the front room
where the sun pours in 

like coffee in the morning
Grandma and Granddad
mellow birds,
in the high back chairs
that we don’t use

And then
when John and I
come home for lunch
there they are

We have belly pork strips
with soft
boiled potatoes,
and thin golden gravy.

takes out his teeth
and tosses powdered pepper
over his dinner
until we sneeze –
he can’t taste it
he tells us.

He uses his pudding spoon
to finish up
the gravy
on his plate.
We watch him looking deep
into the spoon’s greasy bowl.
After a moment
he surfaces.

He tells us
that during the War,
the Great War,
they had to
on their gas masks
to make them work.

John and I
look at each other
with fearful smiles on our lips.
Grandma scrunches up her face
and pulls
her head down into her shoulders
and says

She is not really listening.

Mum says
its time for Listen with Mother

Daphne Oxenford
is coming to get us.

We run back to school
even though its


from my first collection

Friday, 1 April 2016

Sugar Rush

I had noted the seductive sultriness of your green eyes
your oaken hair
your smoky breath
your thighs, your belly, their junction

I had bundled feelings into a bag called Love
that should rightly have been called Desire or Lust
or some other more animalistic function

And so to fashion some sort of introduction
where none could be found naturally
I walked the dark passage to your door
knocked to say hello and see
if you could lend me sugar
a cupful
a spoonful
perhaps a small granulated cliché

invited me in
with the sultry seductiveness of your green eyes
your oaken hair
those thighs, that belly and the triangulated junction of the two
while you, seeking
the fundamentally unnecessary
sat me in the kitchen
plied me with tea
although you had no need so to do
but proved yourself as amiable
as you were desirable

I was buoyed by the scent of your sex
the musk of you as you curled
around me in your kitchen
the whisper of whirled air
caught in the vortex of your movements
soft, yet

You smiled sunshine onto the tiles
wiped up my nervousness
with a damp cloth
while my heart danced

and then I loved only you
and I painted images
with the eye of my mind
of us
with the children visiting
and grand children
named after us
while you talked of nosey neighbours
and bus routes
and the lack of good shops

And so when I left
with the sugar
I was swinging
through the clouds
on my way home
as high as a simile

Yet only when I
sat in my kitchen 
poured the sugar
into my lap
as if it were
your fingers
undoing me
only then
did I realise
you were just
being neighbourly
because after all you were just
my neighbour

and the empty cup
to the floor
as I sobbed 
syrupy tears