A collection of poems and other writings...

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


There had been a moment
when our fingers touched
as I handed you the plastic cup
of cola from the sticky table
by the wall bars in the gym,

and then
just for a moment
you saw me
as you thanked me.

We swayed side by side
as others talked
relaxing in a subtle gravity
that held us now
each in the other's orbit.

I could not look at you again
but my cheek bones knew then
and grew warm
at the thought of you.

And you had chosen
my finger
and led me through
to the dance floor.

There had been a moment
as we danced
you had curled yours
one by one
around mine
and my other hand
had found your waist
and my clumsy toes
your toes.

And you were there
my nose to your hair
my lips to your ear
my arms full of you
as the pale last song
smoothed the evening to its silken end -
how not in love,
oh no,
the singer was.

I talked you home
along the December High Street to The Manse
and we stopped
by the bookshop
because you loved to read
and I told you that I did too,
and maybe there
was something here
which might have stayed us
out this evening just a moment longer.

As if for reassurance
when we resumed our walk
you lightly linked your hand
around my arm
so that as I lifted mine
towards my heart
I might fix you there.

But at your front door
you turned to face me
in the first of our goodbyes
and at last you met my eyes
and curled into me that
our supple mouths might touch
and with tongue tips
taste each other's

drew the breath from my lungs
fanned the furnace flames
of my desire
and forged
these binding chains
by golden link.